Pre-shoots/Save the Date

If you really wanna rub your love in your friends’ and families’ faces, the pre-shoot or ‘save the date’ shoot is the way to go! This is a great time for you to go all kinds of crazy - the kind of crazy you probably won’t be able to achieve on your wedding day, unless you’re getting hitched in Vegas (and did I mention I fly first class?).

Bride/Groom Prep

Whether you’re slapping on that makeup or making sure your bowtie doesn’t choke you to death, I’ll be there taking a photo of your prep on your big day. Go about your business as I capture every candid moment - even if your hungover best man has his head in the toilet…


As the saying goes, it’s all in the details. Here, I capture the little things that you might miss, but which contribute to making your big day a bit more special, whether that’s your flower girl’s satin slippers or the bags of confetti that you most certainly stole from Pinterest. We don’t miss anything.


This is it. The big event. The reason why I’ve been on my feet for four hours dying for a cup of coffee. Whether you’re saying ‘I do’ in a Church, barn, outside or underwater, I’ll be in the background taking shots of your stupidly happy faces (and trying not to drown if it’s the latter).


If you’re expecting fuddy duddy, cookie cutter group shots at your wedding, AK Expressions probably isn’t for you. We make group shots fun, personal and meaningful so that you can look back and remember how much fun you had - not how much your cheeks hurt from that fake ‘on-camera’ smile or the back pain from standing up poker straight.


If you want to know what reportage photography is, I’ll give you the meaning I found when I looked it up online: reportage is the art of telling a story. Now, weddings are a story - albeit a well-trodden one - and it’s up to you and me to decide how it’s going to pan out. Will it begin with happy tears and end in drunken singing? Or, God forbid, the other way around?


The creatives are just that: creative. Let’s look at your wedding from a different perspective - one which doesn’t involve everyone standing around gormlessly smiling for an hour. Think about how you would sum up your wedding in a piece of art on the wall, and let’s go from there. Or, get some inspiration from our happy couples...

The Speech

Maybe the best man will bring up an awkward moment from the stag-do, maybe the bride will give him a death-stare, maybe the father of the groom will start to cry, maybe everyone will do a Mexican wave. However the speeches pan out, we’ll be sure the capture the moment on camera.

First Dance

Whether you’re slow-dancing to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, or shocking everyone with a rehearsed routine to Gangnam Style, the first dance is definitely a moment you’ll want to remember forever. My tip? Take a couple of lessons before the big day. You don’t want to trip over your two left feet like I did.