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Seen something you like? Drop us a line, email or text to enquire - we’ll be waiting for you at the other end with a coffee and a smile.

Discuss our packages with us so that we can meet your needs. We’re big on tailoring (but not the kind where a strange man runs tape up your leg), because we understand that weddings aren’t paint-by-numbers affairs.

However, if you need some idea of what you’re in for, I can tell you that all of our packages include a pre-wedding or save-the-date photoshoot, a consultation with our photographer to go over your wedding in detail, a walk around if we haven’t been to your venue, plus a copyright-free USB with high resolution images.

With AK Expressions, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your pictures are being taken care of. Contact us for a no obligation appointment over a cup of coffee, and (finally!) tick ‘Wedding Photographer’ off your to-do list.

Please contact us through https://www.bagelorbeigel.co.uk/